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"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1937)



What I asked Lissa to help me with in this healing was was very painful and disfiguring scar tissue from a neck lift surgery that had been "botched".  The surgery was around eight years ago.  About a year after the surgery I revisited my doctor and showed him the result.  He promised that with some more time the scar tissue would heal.  He also offered me unlimited free ultrasound treatments, which I received twice a week for months, with very minimal results. The area also felt very hard and solid to the touch. She told me she would begin sending energy to my neck.  Two days later I noticed that the scar tissue had miraculously disappeared.  I felt the skin with my hand and it felt soft and fluid to the touch.  The frozen feeling was gone!  I got out my camera and took another photo and sent it to Lissa.  Miraculously the image in the photo was dramatically different. The entire area looked softened, like a normal surgery result.  There was still a visible scar but no longer a solid mass of scar tissue. Lissa's healing gift is so amazing!  She is present throughout the healing process and unconditionally supportive and loving.  She lovingly shares her gift with all who request healing.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Having Lissa in my life has been like having a special guardian Angel!  Kathryn

June 2017

Lissa is a powerfully gifted remote healer. I struggled for 10 years with multiple uterine fibroids and beginning stages of endometriosis. Six months prior to meeting Lissa, I received a non-invasive form of surgery to treat the fibroids and endometriosis. Although the surgery was helpful, I continued to suffer drains to my energy and compromised immune system and emotional wellbeing. I emailed Lissa late one night, and unbeknownst to me, she began treating me remotely that very same night. Before I awoke the next morning I had a vivid dream with omens of healing and enlightenment. My physical symptoms immediately began to dissipate. She called me the next day. We proceeded with a remote healing process. In addition to having a bright spirit full of beauty and grace, Lissa is intelligent and very easy to talk to. She requested one conversation over the phone at the start of her work, during which she gathered detailed information regarding my physical diagnoses, symptoms, and the past emotional trauma that may have contributed to the health issue. She then clearly described her intended approach. She has a very comprehensive approach to address all aspects of an issue. It is now day 5 of working with Lissa, and I feel as though I have significantly healed in on multiple levels. My physical symptoms are at 5% of what they were just one week ago. It’s too soon for me to say whether or not I’ve completely healed, but I’m glad to know that Lissa would be willing and available to work on me a little more if needed. Thank you Lissa - the world needs more people like you.